Joseph W. Cutler
4th year student in computer science at Wesleyan University

Hi! I'm Joseph Cutler, but feel free to call me Joe. Right now, I'm a student at Wesleyan, where I'm advised by Dan Licata. Along with Norman Danner, we're working on a project which seeks to formalize cost analysis by recurrence extraction.

I’m interested in all aspects of programming languages, but I’m particularly interested in resource analysis, computational aspects of modal and substructural type systems, and anything foundational.

In the Summer of 2020, I was a research intern (virtually) at MPI-SWS, working with Deepak Garg to implement λ-amor, a highly expressive refinement type system for amortized analysis.

Before college, I was an avid web developer, and I spent about six total months as a web development intern at Flatiron School, writing Ruby, JS, and Elixir.

You can reach me at, or take a look at my CV or Twitter.


Thanks to Joomy Korkut for letting me steal his website!
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